Japanese Manufacturers
Global MRO Products Corporation distributes a wide variety of MRO equipment from manufacturers located throughout the world. Our primary sources are located in Germany, Japan and Korea.

To view our line cards, click on the desired links to the left and scroll down the page. A downloaded version resides on our Literature page. Companies are listed in an alphabetical format. A listing by commodity is also available to view and download.

Obviously, there are going to be manufacturers that you need that are not listed on our data sheets. Do not be discouraged. We prefer to keep our vendor's listing to companies that we have direct relationships with, thus being able to provide you with higher levels of service, however, this does not mean that we are unable to provide you with solutions for your needs. Contact us and we will research your request. Odds are we have dealt with the manufacturer or we have avenues that can.

Our pledge to you is- "We will always seek to provide you with the highest levels of service and provide you with the solution to your needs."

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