During his service in the U.S. Military Todd Pearson, one of the co-owners of Global MRO Products learned many different things, but the one lesson: "Lead by example" strongly impacted on his life and business dealings. "I apply this to all aspects of my life and that is what is practiced here at Global MRO Products Corporation," said Pearson. "They are three simple words that have so much constructive power when applied to any situation."

Mark Heuer, Todd's partner and a coworker for over ten years, realized long ago that his feelings on life and business were the same as Todd's convictions. "My belief has always been to service the customer to the best of our capabilities in order to fulfill their needs," said Heuer.

Our pledge to you is- "Whatever the interaction is between our companies, we will let our actions dictate our commitments and promises. Words do not show abilities and willingness. Only by our actions can we lead by example- not talking about the standards, but becoming the standards."

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