Global MRO Products Corporation was established in 2002 and placed its center of operational and logistical support in the city of Rolling Meadows, Illinois, only a few miles away from O'Hare International Airport (ORD), one of the largest and busiest hubs in the United States. Although the company is a new entity and player in the industry, its owners are not. They possess over 23 years of international MRO experience gained through previous employment with Japanese MRO distributors and importers. One must remember that it is not the age of the company that makes it a winner, but rather the knowledge and proficiency of its employees. This was a major consideration when this corporation was established.

With all the recurring frustrations, time constraints and dilemmas that exist within your manufacturing facility, our employees bring to you their customer oriented work ethic, international knowledge and expertise. With over two decades of experience working several hundred lines of international manufacture, a vast knowledge of products and/or manufacturers is accessed to provide you the most efficient and effective answer to your local needs.

Global MRO Products Corporation, an American owned and operated company, whose loyalties are to our customers; whose dedication is to solving your problems and whose goal is to become your benchmark that you hold others to.

Our pledge to you is- "We will always seek to improve services, ourselves and our capabilities- providing to you the best source possible with regards to meeting your MRO needs."

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