It is the aim of Global MRO Products to continually expand our resources. In offering a comprehensive and focused inventory, we are able to bring to you a means to reduce your production costs through the lowering of your own stock levels. However, an inventory that remains constant has less of an impact on your needs, hence, we continually monitor our customer's requests and use this data to target the expansion of our own inventory.

In future months we will be developing an online purchasing system where you will be able to browse our inventory and purchase directly from the listing, however, until that time contact us and we will be glad to assist you in your needs.

Additionally, to further assist you, we offer liquidation services. Whether it is products that are no longer needed by your operation or if you are eager to save money by purchasing other company's unneeded products, liquidation can be an answer for you. Global MRO Products has helped others by:

  • Purchasing unwanted or no longer needed items from your inventory thus lowering the wasted dollars tied up in slow moving or dead stock inventory items.
  • Eliminating these same items you are able to recover wasted space in your parts crib(s).
  • Making available to you products that are at significantly discounted levels.
  • Many of the liquidated parts are older in manufacture and become hard to find products that are often unavailable, even from the original manufacturer. These older parts have allowed companies the ability to forgo costly engineering changes to equipment (for those lines close to retirement) or put-off these changes to a time that is more beneficial for you.

Please remember, all products that we purchase in this liquidation manner are unused and still in their original packaging meaning it's in the same condition as when it was first manufactured.

Our pledge to you is- "We will continually monitor our customer's requests and use this data to target the expansion of our own inventory to further meet your needs."

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